Does the Constitution Need Work?


If James Madison knew then what we know now, how do you think he would have changed the Constitution?

Is there something he would have put in?

Something he would have left out?

Would there have been more defined limits on executive powers?

More clearly defined limits on what the central government can and can’t do?

Term limits for Congress?

More language about how Congress is responsible for guarding the currency?

How about an article spelling out the procedure for a State to peacefully secede from the union?

Tell us what you think Madison should have done when he wrote the Constitution.


One thought on “Does the Constitution Need Work?

  1. Where to start? Of course he would do things differently. Mostly, I expect you covered much of it. I’d simply add some serious consideration for anti-trust stuff. I can’t speculate how he may have worded it, but I can’t imagine that his vision included the monopolies and cartels of today, nor can I fathom that he intended those powerful sources of money to have undue influence over the process of democracy in terms of campaign finance and lobbying.

    I’d add a small afterthought, perhaps consider the process of gerrymandering, I’d guess there is a legitimate speculation that the present process is not what was intended. Of course that traces back to numerous other similar factors such as the realization that there should be several thousand congressional representatives according to the original design. But then, I also suppose that goes back to the same monopoly interests in some sense.


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