We Interrupt this Republic


We interrupt this republic to bring you…. uh…. we have no idea. We have no idea what to say anymore. It’s been a long time since we did a blog post. To be quite honest, we are so disgusted with what is going on in our country these days, that to even put our disgust into words would make the saltiest sailor blush and believe me, that’s saying something.

There are times when we are so dumbfounded at something that has happened that the plethora of obscenities that spring forth cannot even begin to explain how…well…dumbfounded we are. See? We can’t even explain it properly.

What the hell? To put it mildly. Shenanigans. Just plain shenanigans.

Let me give you a few examples.

Donald Trump.

Do I even need to say anymore?

How in the hell (and again, that’s putting it mildly) can Donald Trump be so high up in the polls? He’s filed for bankruptcy how many times? And he wants us to put him in charge of the country? But what is bothering us the most? There are people willing to vote for him???

Hillary Clinton is a criminal. She has broken the law more times than anyone cares to count, yet there are still people who will vote for her. What??

And Bernie Sanders. He wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. He wants to make all tuition free at all public colleges and universities. He wants every American on a single-payer health plan. He’s a whack job. And he has no business being president.

We could go on. We could say something about every one of the candidates running for the White House. Not a single one of them is presidential material. Not a single one. And frankly, it scares the hell out of us. Even Carli Fiorina says she would be fine with a Muslim president. How on earth could someone, whose job would be to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States, not have a problem with someone being elected president whose religious tenets go against the very fiber of that same document?

Congress is a joke. Why are they even in Washington? Corporations are writing legislation. The elected officials might as well just bring their asses right on back home. They are only there to pad their pockets.

The Supreme Court. Holy hell. Where do we even begin? The last bastion of our Constitutional rights and they have gone off their benches. Completely. Totally.

Our president has given Iran a get out of nuclear jail free card that they can use anytime they want and flown the middle finger at Israel in the process. He and Congress have signed willy nilly various and sundry legislations that 99.999% of them didn’t even freaking read, let alone understand. Did you know that every time they sign another bill, they take away another right? Are you paying attention? Are you?

We have an elected official who is refusing to do her job because it goes against her religious beliefs. And people are cheering her on. People actually believe that it’s okay for an elected official to refuse to issue a marriage license to someone because it goes against her religion. What if her religion said it was wrong for a man and woman to marry? It’s a stretch, I know. Work with me here. What if her religion said it was wrong for a white woman and a black man to marry? What if she decided to follow all of the rules in the Bible and deny adulterers a marriage license? Would it be okay then for her to refuse to do her job that she was elected to do?

What if a teacher said it was against her religion to teach Common Core? Would she get fired? Or would people all over the country stand behind her and play “Eye of the Tiger” for her when she got released from jail?

We are disgusted, I tell you. We don’t even know where to go from here. We can’t even break 100 followers on our Facebook page. Apparently we aren’t funny like the hundreds of viral videos floating around these days. Or cute like the bulldog puppy barking at the slipper or whatever. There is a FB page dedicated to everything skulls. They have over 100,000 followers. Sigh.

You let us know what you think we should do. Because we are at a loss for words. And believe me when I tell you, that is saying something.


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